Member of LCD Repair Alliance


1. how to become a member  


If you provide any evidence that you are engaged in LCD repair business and have an intention to be a member, we will post your contact information. Please send relevant information to jhyeo@myung.co.kr


Participants on the LCD repair industry.


2. LCD Panel repair company in USA :  Pixel Interconnect (http://www.pixel-interconnect.com)


3. LCD Panel repair company in USA (CA)   KyoComuter (http://www.kyocomputer.com)


4. LCD Panel repair company in USA (CA) Bigbyte (http://www.bigbytecorp.com)


5. LCD  Panel Repair Company in USA (CA) FPD Design Group (http://www.lcdpanels.com)

+1-909-355-3200 Mr. Joseph Kovach  j.kovach@fpdgroup.com


6. LCD Panel repair company in Brazil : Elsys (http://www.elsys.com.br)

Mr. Luciano Silva


7. LCD Panel repair company in Algeria: Bomare (.http://www.bomarecompany.com/)

Mr. Ali


8. LCD Panel repair company in India ECS Infotech (http://www.ecsinfotech.com)

Mr. Jatin Solanki


9. LCD  Panel repair company in Thailand : Treeview (http://www.treeviewthai.com)

Mr. Dilok Chitpredakon


10. LCD Panel repair company in Turkey: Arti Display (http://www.artidisplay.com)

Mr. Hakan


11. LCD Panel repair company in Turykey : LCD hospital (http://febalcdrepair.com/)


12. Digital Group Hungary Mr. Andras Konrad


13. LCD repair company in  Mexico :  IQ Electronics (http://www.iqelectronics.com.mx/

Mr. Alvaro


14.  LCD repair company in Colombia :  IQ Electronics (http://www.iqelectronics.com.mx/)

Mr. Rodrigu


15. LCD repair company in Uruguay and Brazil : CNC (http://www.cns.com.uy/)

Mr. Matias


16. LCD Repair Business Agnet in Taiwan  

 Mr. Tzcyuan Charles Lin +886-955863535 homeone@live.com  Building 2F #9 H #233 Alley Huiming Road #9 Nanzi District Kaoshiung City Taiwan