LCD Repair Machine


Basic machine of the LCD repairing shakll be comprised of the following.


1. Polarizer operation


Polarizer is outside surface of the LCD monitor. If you change the polarizer, an LCD monitor would look like new products. Most of the major manufacturer demand service centeres to replace polarizer of all serviced products.

A small particle would make a surface defective and cleanroom condition is required by most of the manufactuere and repair service providers. If you had any interest on the machines, please contact to hddtrade@gmail.com or +82-10-2734-3535




(1) Polarizer Remover


This machine is to remove outside surface of polarizer, 32inch remover would cost around US$20,000 and 68inch remover would cost up to US$40,000.


polarizer remover, polarizer removing machine

[picture 1, 42inch polarizer remover]




(2) Polarizer laminator


Polarizer laminating machine is to attach a polarizer in the LCD. 42inch laminating machine would cost US$40,000 and 68inch laninating machine would cost US$50,000.



polarizer laminator, polarizer attaching machine

[picture 2, 42inch polarizer laminating machine]



(3) COF Bonding machine, COF Bonder, or TAB/IC Bonder/ Driver IC Bonder




(4) ACF Tacker or ACF Bonder


ACF Tacker or ACF bonder is to attach ACF on to 1 side of COF (TAB/IC or Driver IC)

ACF tacker cost around US$2,000 or less.





(5)  COF Bonder


COF bonding machine is to attach COF on the glass and PCBA. The lead on the COF is around 20um (0.00002mm) di

distance each other and this machine demands a high accuracy. Since most of the repairing companies are recycling COF and the surface of COF shall be expanded or shrinked on the bonding operation.

32inch bonding machine would cost around US$30,000, but 42inch bonding machine will be sold around US$40,000. 68inch machine ranges around US$50,000.


TAB IC bonder, COF bonder, Drive IC bonding machine

[picture 3. TAB/'IC or COF bonding machine]