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LCD Repair Alliance is Non-Profit international alliance of LCD repairing companies started with Myung Infotech Inc. We were established by group of companies which wish to achieve fast renovation in the reverse logistics business.. The purpose of this alliance is as follows


1. Exchange information and knowhows on LCD repair business


2. Purchasing additional repair machines,polarizer and COF/TAB IC on LCD repair business


3. Provding technical information and maintenance of the machine on LCD repair business


4. Build additional Cleanroom for repairing business.


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                                      [picture 1] Major Member of LCD Repair Alliance.

상당히 안정적인 덴탈기계 5,000만원

남양주클린륨 150평 2600만원 시공

시흥클린룸 200평 3800만원시공


KF94 Mask Production Machine

LCD Repair Business

Negative Pressure Room


I. Cleanroom facilities for LCD repairing

cleanroom for LCD repair

[picture 2] LCD Repair Cleanroom in Algeria





[picture 3 LCD repair facility in Thailand 




II. Useful device for LCD repairing - Polarizer Removing Machine 85-110 inch

polarizer remover, removing machine 80inch




IIIUseful device for LCD repairing- Polarizer Laminating Machine (85-110 inch)


Polarizer laminating machine or polarizer laminator is to attach polarizer on the LCD glsss. Each LCD polarizer has 2 polarizer on the bottom on top. Our machine is designed to laminate any of the polarizer from 10inches to 80inches. It is compatible with any of TN, IPS and VA mode laminators.

[picture 2. Polarizer laminator]




IV. Useful device for LCD repairing- TAB/IC Bonding Machine ( 85-110 inch)

TAB/IC (Tape automated Bonding/iC) or driver IC bonding machine is to attached TAB/IC on the LCD glass. Our machines is designed to attached source IC and gate IC. Our machines could support up to 80inches or higher.

TAB IC bonder 85inch 110inch COF COG

[picture 3. TAB IC bonding machine]




TAB IC Bonding machine, COF, COG


[picture 4 COF alignment mark]- Used COF(TAB/IC) recycling.




4. ACF Tacking MachineACF tacking machine is to attach ACF on the COF(TAB IC, driver IC)



[picture 6. ACF tacking machine]





5. Microscope Camera for COF (TAB IC, Driver IC) inspectionThis microscope camera supports X100~ X1000. It is used to inspect pressed conductive balls in COF bonding.




[picture 7. Microscope Camera X100, X200, X400, X1000)